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Who is Ground Green?

Another band? What, let's go and see them? No, not really, have got other things to do …So, why should you go to a concert given by Ground Green? Well, the short answer is because you should let the music touch you and groove until you are fit to drop!

Let's tell you about things: The name just happened to come about by chance, as it comes from a misunderstanding of words - late at night in a pub one night, to be exact. Looking at it one can give it a meaning: Ground Green can give you hope, something you really need if you think of Ground Zero, remembering the past but it also brings us to the present; to the music. We are of the opinion that music is really good when played live, expressing feelings, be they grey thoughts, anger, sorrow or fun, dance, sex, longing, hope and love. If you don't hear anything of these emotions in the concert, then you are better of staying at home playing cards! Interested?

Here is more:

Ground Green is a Jazz-Funk formation from Bremen, we are four musicians, who have been rehearsing and playing  together since 2008. All four have been in the music business for a long time and that is how we make their living. The most important thing was that ,during the first session it went so well (and it has stayed that way!)  it was clear to all of us that this is not allowed to be a half-baked project: effective, cold, boring and then to be forgotten about.

This had to be made into something and that is:

  1. that we only play our own compositions

  2. uncouth, but honest. When improvising it is better to let it all hang out than

   keeping up appearances!

  1. the result is: Jazz-Funk, Fusion, sometimes a pinch of Pop and that to a high standard.

   Sometimes melodic, sometimes tough, but always intensive!